We provide our clients with better results based on know-how from many years of experiences 


Patent, Utility Model and Design Prosecution and Registration

  • SungAm provides prosecution and registration services for patent, utility model and design.
  • SungAm analyzes the need and the idea of clients through consultation in order to obtain the optimal IP right.
  • Moreover, through prior art search, we avoid unnecessary patent filings and with highly-specialized specification and response to Office Actions, we have a high registration ratio throughout the years.


Trademark Prosecution and Registration

  • Since the foundation of the firm in 1986, we have filed more than 20,000 domestic trademark applications and more than 22,000 foreign trademark applications.
  • SungAm, with its top-notch trademark attorneys, have provided trademark services for various businesses and have successfully handed trademark contentious matters throughout the years.


International IP Prosecution and Registration

  • Through utilizing the global online database search and making the most out of the network that we have with foreign associates throughout the world, we are able to provide the latest patent and trademark information to our clients and we help our client to setup the most ideal IP strategy.
  • Furthermore, we have U.S. Attorneys at Law in the firm to support our foreign prosecution work, easing the communication throughout the process.


Trials and Lawsuits

  • SungAm is proud at our high success ratio on our trials and lawsuits.
  • With our professionals in different technical areas and through collaboration with our personnel who used to work at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), we are able to provide the utmost service to our clients.


Infringement and Validity Analysis

  • SungAm provides clear and precise opinion on patent infringement and validity analysis.
  • We provide invalidity search for subject IP by conducting infringement analysis with IP and subject technical area, object and trademark.
  • SungAm promises to be your partner that you can rely on the most for infringement related isses.


Licensing and IP Transaction

  • SungAm provides services for technical/patent licensing and IP transaction.
  • Using SungAm’s wide range of connections with firms all over the world, we can provide many opportunities for licensing and IP transactions.
  • SungAm has a own separate system for technical transfer services.


IP Search and Analysis

  • Based on the accumulated IP service experiences, SungAm provides reports such as IP trend report, IP analysis and patent map.
  • The report provided by SungAm will be valuable information on design of R&D and IP portfolio of the client.



  • It is essential in evaluating IP with not only understanding the technology but using proven evaluation elements and evaluation methods.
  • SungAm provides accurate IP valuation result with its rich experience and proven professionals.


Standard Essential Patent (SEP)

  • SungAm provides IP strategy and consultation for obtaining standard patents.
  • We have professionals with extensive experience in many different areas of standard patents and know-how to produce the SEPs.


IP Strategy Consulting

  • SungAm provides customized IP strategy for clients.
  • We are able to provide different IP strategies for different clients (big companies, medium-sized companies and startup companies) with different goals and technical area.


IP Education

  • SungAm provides IP education for our clients.
  • Many of our clients have successfully completed our IP education provided by our professionals.
  • We are ready to provide our clients with IP-related education and services for their IP management.