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Sung-Min Choi is specialized in the field of mechanics such as motor vehicles, automated manufacturing systems, home appliances, medical appliances, advanced materials and so on.
Mr. Choi makes a constant effort to keep up with the latest technologies and IP issues in order to provide his clients with the best IP solution.
Mr. Choi also values the client's rights and counsels honestly and sincerely in the client's shoes, so please contact him by email, phone call, text message or SNS, whichever you prefer and whenever you need.

Mr. Choi is always interested in trying and experiencing something new. Guess what he is into these days?

Sung-Min CHOI

  • Title
    Patent Attorney
  • Industry
  • Education
    - Korea University, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
  • Professional Experience
    - Admitted to Patent Bar, Korea (2012)
    - SungAm Suh International Patent & Law Firm (2014~)

    - Patent prosecution in the field of mechanics for domestic large entities, small and medium entities, public institutions, universities and independent inventors
    - Appraisal of patent infringement (connector for electronic equipment, boiler, component of motor vehicle, home appliance, sole, filter of water purifier, etc.)
    - Appraisal of patent invalidation (fiber and textile, component of motor vehicle, filter of water purifier, etc.)
    - Patent Map (component of motor vehicle)
    - Analyzing patents of rival company and designing around the patents (baby product, boiler, etc.)
    - Prior arts search for reviewing foreign applications of government-contributed research institute (2019)
    - Lecturer on intellectual property at Korea National University of Transportation (2019)
    - Lecturer on intellectual property at Chungnam State University (2018)
    - Lecturer on intellectual property at Korean Western Power (2018, 2017)
    - Advisor on designation of products selected for development of public institution (2016)
  • Membership
    - KPAA (Korean Patent Attorneys Association)
    - AIPPI (International Association for the Prosecution of Intellectual Property)