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Hwan-Ku Jeong provides high-quality services based on a wide spectrum of experience including representation for applications and trials of domestic and big foreign companies, laboratories, small and medium-sized businesses. He speaks English and Japanese and you may encounter him chatting at an international conference.
Especially, as he conducts technical advising and expert opinion commissioned by a court in infringement cases where generally a patent attorney hardly has opportunities to join, he is delving deeper into what a robust patent is.
He enjoys bumping into a pointed fresh ideas and concepts in the vast field of mechanics with a wide spectrum of rising and falling technologies.


  • Title
    Patent Attorney
  • Industry
  • Education
    - Seoul National University , B.E. in Mechanical Engineering
    - Korea National Open University, B.LL.
  • Professional Experience
    - Admitted to Patent Bar, Korea (2002)
    - Qualified as a Korea Certified Valuation Analyst (2014)
    - Dyne Patent and Law Firm (2003-2005)
    - Nobel International Patent and Law Firm (2005-2007)
    - Y.S.Chang & Associates (2008-2014)
    - SungAm Suh International Patent & Law Firm (2015-)

    - Serves or served as a patent representative for LG Electronics, LSIS, Doosan infracore, Hyundai Wia, SAMSUNG SDI, SK magic, SNU precision, Soosan heavy industries, Seoul National University, -Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, Honda, Hoya, Bosch, Emerson, etc.
    - Developed patent maps for environment-friendly and high-performace magnesium alloy (KIPO, 2007), optical image stabilization (KEA, 2008), solid-state secondary battery (KISTA, 2017)
    - Served as an external agent for the company, Intellectual Discovery, to organize a patent pool (2012)
    - Serves as a jury judge in legal support project of the counseling center of the Korea Intellectual Property Protection Agency (2017-)
    - Rendered an expert opinion commissioned by a court during the litigation for cancellation of a trial decision (case No. 2007heodangOOOO)
    - Served as a technical consultant for a preliminary injunction and a criminal charge against infringement regarding a patent of firewalls in a balcony (2007), a preservation of evidence and a preliminary -Injunction regarding a patent of a vacuum laminator (2012, resulted all in favor), a preliminary injunction and a damage suit regarding a design of an LED panel (2016, resulted all in favor), etc.
    - Gave a lecture in English at IP seminar for Gangwondo and Alberta (in Edmonton, Canada, 2015)
    - Educates or educated Korea Western Power Co., Ltd., Korea Automotive Technology Institute, etc.
    - Taught a class about IP at Korea National university of Transportation (2019)
  • Membership
    - KPAA (Korean Patent Attorneys Association)
    - APAA (Asian Patent Attorneys Association)