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Seung-Jin Hong provides high quality prosecution and R&D support service based on his experience of over 22 years of domestic/overseas patent application, OA processing, R&D investigation and analysis for semiconductor(FAB and packaging), energy(secondary battery, fuel cell, solar cell, power generation) and private/government IP-R&D business.
He is able to read and write English and Japanese and has a deep understanding of applications in the US, Europe, China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore etc.

He is calm but passionate, and enjoy riding, movies and music.

Seung-Jin HONG

  • Title
    Chief Patent Engineer
  • Industry
  • Education
    - Kangwon National University, B.S. in Physics
  • Professional Experience
    - SungAm Suh International Patent & Law Firm (1996~)

    - Energy field patent draft(lithium ion secondary battery, fuel cell) for Korean global company
    - Energy field patent draft(power generation, power transmission and distribution, carbon dioxide treatment) for Korean public enterprise
    - Semiconductor field patent draft(FAB, packaging) for Korean/Foreign global company
    - Energy field patent draft(solar cell, all solid battery) for Korean government research institute
    - Railway field patent draft(power transmission and distribution, railway vehicle automatic driving system) for Korean government research institute
    - Coatings field patent draft(semiconductor/display ceramic coating) for Korean medium-sized enterprises
    - Korean company IP-R&D business(2010-2019)
    - Korean government IP-R&D business(2016-2018)
  • Membership
    - KCVA(Korea Certified Valuation Association)